Island weekend 2009 - Giethoorn

After the very nice weekend in Diever last year, we will be going back to tradition in 2009 by visiting an island. This year we're going to Giethoorn where we have our own private island in lake “Bovenwiede” (or “Bovenwijde”). Imagine yourself being Robison Crusoe together with a bunch of Fridays. Some people may remember this spot, we visited it in the year 1992 as well. On this page you will find some pictures from that time.

Main info:

Group location "Het Kraggehuis" near Giethoorn.
The weekend 26, 27 en 28 june 2009. Friday afternoon (15:00) until sunday afternoon (17:00)
€ 50,- including breakfast saturday & sunday and dinner saturday.
Here via our website or by emailing Pieter Hamstra:

The Island Weekend

The Island Weekend has been a tradition of the Go club Groningen for quite some time, taking a holiday with a group of go players for one weekend. Usually we visit one of the isles in the waddensea (hence the name), but sometimes we also stay on dry land (like last year in Diever, then dubbed Meadow Weekend).

The Island Weekend is not so much meant for playing go (although that certainly does happen), but more for having a good time. On a weekend like that its mostly about playing some games while drinking some cold beer sitting in the sun. Nothing is mandatory, you're free to spend your time however you please. People from outside the club or those not playing go are equally welcome, the more the merrier. So if you feel like dropping by, feel free to register or contact us!

Location “Kraggehuis”

The website of group location is (dutch)

The “Kraggehuis” is a moderne group accommodation. It is situated in a beatiful location: on a small island in a lake to the east of Giethoorn: lake “Bovenwiede” (or “Bovenwijde”) close to nature reserve area “De Wieden”.
The “Kraggehuis” offers accommodation for up to 56 people. There are 2 large sleeping halls and 2-3 smaller rooms

There is docking room for 7 "zeilpunters", small boats that can be pushed or sailed, and 5-7 of these "zeilpunters" are included, meaning you can also go sailing if you've played enough Go after a while. The lake is generally only about 80 cm deep.

To give you an idea of the island's location see the option “route” on the website of the "Kraggehuis".

Or via google maps:

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