Learn to play Go

For everyone who wishes to learn ot play go (better), the Go-club organizes a monthly "newcomer night". Every second monday of the month, from 20:15, we have club night aimed especially at newcomers. There's three target groups:

  1. Don't know the game at all? On this night you can have the rules and basic tactics explained to you. One of our experienced players wil teach you the rules and play practice games with you on a special smaller beginner board.
  2. Know the basics, but want to get better? We have lessons on the evening aimed at beginning players (25 kyu - 15 kyu)
  3. Want to meet other beginners and play them? This is the evening where most weaker players show up!

The lessons are free, and you do not have become a member if you do not want to.

Newcomer nights for 2016 are:

  • Monday the 11th of January
  • Monday the 8th of February
  • Monday the 14th of March
  • Monday the 11th of April
  • Monday the 9th of May
  • Monday the 6th of June
  • Monday the 4th of July
  • Monday the 8th of August
  • Monday the 12th of September
  • Monday the 10th of October
  • Monday the 14th of November
  • Monday the 12th of December


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