Newcomer Night on Monday

We organize a monthly “newcomer night”. Every second Monday of the month, from 20:15, we have a club night aimed especially at players new to the game of Go. We will explain the rules and basic tactics and play some practice games. Meetup: (click here)

Experienced players

We also welcome experienced players. Maybe you are familiar with the game of Go / Baduk / Weiqi and you are looking for real-life opponents. Try us and have a nice evening!
You are always welcome on club nights on Monday and Friday.

Go course for Beginners

When we have some new players we can organize a Course for Beginners. The first evening is free. If you like the game, you can follow the rest of the course. The course price is 10 euro.
Registration can be done during a club night or by email at

Free tournament

People who finish the course for Beginners can participate in the Martinicup for free (normal price 15 euro). The Martinicup is a big annual go tournament in Groningen, with players from all levels, from the Netherlands and abroad.

One year free membership Save

Are you new to the game and do you like playing Go? We welcome you by offering one-year free membership. It includes membership of the Dutch Go Association.