Weekend Getaway 2023:

In a nutshell:

Het Hunehuis, Havelte.

The weekend getaway will take place from Friday the 9th until Sunday, June 11th, 2023.

Via the website of Go Club Groningen: Subscribe for the getaway.
Organization:  Pieter.
Contact: eilandenweekend@goclubgroningen.nl

In 2023 we are high and dry on the Havelterberg, 18 meters above sea level.

The location is a NIVOM nature house. In this location, we have rented a couple of 2- and 4-person rooms for a total of 26 persons. For games, we can use the small hall and the spacious lobby. If need be the large hall is available as well, and weather permitting we’ll of course sit outside, where a large chessboard is available as well. The website of the accommodation: https://hunehuis.nl/

Link: Locatie “het Hunehuis” in Google maps
“Het Hunehuis” is situated on the Halverterberg not far from Steenwijk and Giethoorn.
Notabene: the 18 meter high hill Halverterberg is not the be confused with the town of the same name, located 5 km away. Link: wiki/Havelterberg

The surroundings are woodland, moorland, and sand plains, with nearby “hunnebedden”.
The link for the surroundings: Holtingerveld

Price, food, and registration

The price is 95 euros, but will be including dinner, on friday and saturday evening, breakfast and lunch, tea and coffee, and snacks. Beer and Soda’s are to be paid separately, using a tallysheet.